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Full Circle Medical Billing Puts ASC Business Offices A Step Ahead

Sometimes it’s difficult to ask for help. Too often, we just don’t recognize that help is needed. But in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, a little backup can be a big boon.

Keeping Up With the CMS

Since the 2015 implementation of ICD-10 and today’s advance toward value-based reimbursement, including new rulings for MACRA, the world has changed drastically for surgical centers and hospitals. Many facilities are struggling to maintain operable profit margins and others are scrambling to recruit the right talent with the appropriate specialty training. Still, others are launching independent practices and simply looking for a way to keep operations scaled back, so providers can stay focused on patient care.

Whatever your current situation, outsourcing RCM can be a time saver and safe haven. Third party billing and business office management companies are devoted to knowing healthcare today. Led by highly experienced specialists, they know what regulatory changes are on the horizon and understand how to fuel and maintain facility success.

Insight, Efficiency & Technology

Companies like Full Circle Medical Billing have one overarching mission: to know more than anyone else about the healthcare industry, business office infrastructure and current regulations. We study and train so we can lead others toward success.

Maybe you don’t need full-service revenue cycle management or an all-new business office team. But that’s not all we can do. When you need to get your bearings and reset your course, count on us for:

  • Coding and billing audits to ensure accuracy and efficiency
  • Reconciliation of 120+ day accounts to boost cash flow 
  • Gap analysis to identify resource needs
  • Consultation and performance reviews
  • Data collection and analysis related to contracts and service line performance

We have the insight, experience, and targeted technologies to support you in achieving superior performance and a powerful bottom line.

Consider how your practice could benefit from outsourced support. To explore what we can accomplish as partners, we invite you to contact us and learn more about why physicians and facility leaders are looking for outsourced support from companies like ours.